CSJ Intramural Program


About CSJ's Intramural Sports Program 

At College of St. Joseph, the intramural program provides structured sport leagues, tournaments, drop in and play formats, and events that aim to serve students, staff, faculty, and other affiliates of College of St. Joseph with recreational opportunities regardless of skill level or ability. In addition to play and exercise, the Intramural Program provides opportunities for student employment in which individuals will gain valuable work experience including, but not limited to: technical officiating skills, planning and organizing events, conflict resolution, CPR/First Aid, and supervisory skills.

We hope that everyone is able to participate in intramurals, learn new sports, meet new people, exercise, and find a break in routine. It is our goal for everyone who is involved in our program to remember the positive experiences they had in intramurals long after they have left College of St. Joseph.

Mission Statement

To engage the college community in diverse activity and sport opportunities that enrich the College of St. Joseph experience through involvement, leadership and physical activity.